Detail View: Douglas Menuez Photography Collection: Adobe co-founders John Warnock (left) and Chuck Geschke.

Adobe co-founders John Warnock (left) and Chuck Geschke.
Corporate Name: 
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Personal Name: 
Warnock, John; Geschke, Chuck
Job Name: 
Adobe 1989 Binder 1
Photo Keywords: 
Silicon Valley; Men; North America; Business and commerce; High technology; Adults; Businesspeople; Gesturing; Males; Pensive; Conference room; Meeting; Entrepreneur; Executives; Founders; Chief Executive Officer; CEO; Company executives; Senior management
35mm photographic negative
Medium Color: 
black and white
Menuez, Douglas
Stanford University Libraries
Tracking Value: 
Series 3, Box 9, Folder 2, Sleeve 11577, Frame 34
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